May 11, 2004

A User Manual

This is a little blog of fragments (a sort of Pooterish Notes From (a) Nobody), most of which don't necessarily fit into any coherent whole, and which certainly don't represent a consistent view of the world. If you're looking for depth or intellectual challenge -- or just good polished writing -- then this isn't the place for you (there's far too much good writing in this world already). And if the occasional bit of nudity (not mine) or bad words bothers you, you're better off elsewhere.

The name? It's a boring story.

There's an atom feed here (URL:, but please note that I sometimes edit entries retroactively (for things like dumb typos, mostly), so things may end up marked as "new" even if they're months old...

This is a blog, but not everything here fits into the classic blog model. In particular, there are two main differences:
  • Things don't always appear in the same order that they were written -- some of this stuff dates from a long time ago, and where it's clearly out of order there'll usually be a date of writing posted in bold at the start of the entry or somewhere like that. No big deal, but it has to be said somewhere.

  • Threading -- most of what I write either returns again and again to pick over some obvious obsessions, or strings an earlier theme out a few words or sentences past breaking point. Blogs present items in the reverse of the order they're written (or published) in, which plays (sometimes creative) havoc with this sort of thing, so I've linked some of the entries into broad threads based on subject or sequence. My favourite threads are listed in the right sidebar under "Threads"; and every entry in a thread will be linked to the next and previous entry in a thread (where possible). The first entry in a thread usually introduces the thread, but this isn't always true. Note: since Tight Sainthood is still fairly new, the threads don't really exist yet. They'll grow over time...

I can't imagine anyone wanting to, but currently if you want to add a comment to an entry you have to be a member of, which is fine by me (and it's free). I reserve the right to delete obscene or long-winded comments, or comments that advertise things, etc.

Tight Sainthood has no advertising or popups -- if you encounter anything like that while browsing the blog, it's not me. Check your PC or browser. Tight Sainthood is also not advertised anywhere, so if you're spammed in its name, it's a Joe Job.

And if you really really want to get hold of me, email me at (and remove the all xyz's before you do so). I don't promise I'll respond -- too much spam for that -- but it might make you feel better. Or not.

Tight Sainthood is part of the Ylayali Complex, a little empire of otherwise-unpublishable self-absorbed social cripples like me.

Tight Sainthood uses a canned template from, with a bunch of minor additions and style changes by me. Obviously, aesthetics are not the point here.

Unless otherwise specified, everything in the Tight Sainthood blog is copyrighted by the respective author(s).


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