June 10, 2004

All Was Lost

"'I knew all was lost,' recalls Paul Rothchild, a former producer for the Doors, 'when I saw what used to be the artists' world of drugs and creative exchange in the hands of lawyers and accountants, and when I saw the lawyers doing blow.'" -- quoted in Hal Espen's review of "Can't Find My Way Home" (Martin Torgoff) in the latest NYT Book Review.

Imagine that. You sing the praises of drugs, you press for the democratisation of access to drugs, and -- horror! -- everyone wants them. Everyone's got them. Even the Hoi Polloi -- lawyers or accountants fer chrissakes. Suddenly it's not just for the in-crowd any more. Suddenly drugs are what they are, rather than a fetish or the common currency of the realm of (smug) Hip (why does Leo from That 70's Show come to mind here?!). Or an excuse.


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