June 02, 2004

Don't Mess With Texas

"He arrived in Houston in the same way millions of other rural people did: in search of broader horizons". (Benjamin Moser reviewing Larry McMurtry in the NYRB, 27/5/04). It's hard to imagine moving to Texas -- a place that seems so claustrophobic in its self-image and insecure self-mythologies -- for broader horizons; you move to Houston to embrace -- or be embraced by -- a self-absorbed cocoon of Dynasty-like fantasies of self-made riches or power (or because you have little choice in the matter). You're more likely to find broad horizons in cramped cities like London or New York, or even LA, or in the mind while driving I-5.

"In Texas, art was not made, but bought." (Moser, again). But buying is what makes art, even (especially) in New York or LA. What's so special about Texas?


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