July 15, 2004

Radiating Pudenda

"Boudica was a barbarian and a Celt and her pudenda would have been active, unashamed and radiating with female power all her life ... Considering Celtic customs, it would have been unnatural for Queen Boudica not to be a lesbian. She was, after all, a queen and military leader of her people." -- Judy Grahn quoted in this week's Guardian Weekly.

As with all these things, this says almost nothing about the ostensible subject -- Boudica / Boudicca / Boadicea -- and almost everything about the author and our own attitudes towards mysticism, feminism, war, etc.. But that's the point, I guess -- a sort of narcisism by proxy, a sanctioned self-absorption in a Self dressed up as Other. The worst form of history: the past as tabula rasa. History as projection.

But did she really say that?


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