September 24, 2004

Get Carter

Get Carter (the original, with Michael Caine): the use of foreground / background shots, the way so much important action is visually and sonically uncentred, indirect, eccentrically-framed, seen through foreground obstructions or over someone’s shoulder, or heard from off-screen or through a haze of voices and noise; the endless use of tunnels, stairwells, alleys, corridors; the dead light and dreary landscapes of England; the dead eyes and faces of the English; the river, the grey sea... the sense of place (Newcastle -- but how did they get from the Tyne bridges to the seaside so quickly on foot in the last scenes?! And the occasional wobbly accent..).

Astonishing. Not what I expected at all. Noir in subdued colours...



At 10/05/2004 2:40 am, Blogger Phil said...

one of my favourite films. an outstanding tough guy thriller all round. the villians are so wonderfull in their expensive suits and big jewellery. the ending is probably the best bit in many ways with the slag being dumped off-shore and the inevitability of carter's death. the books are pretty good too, btw.


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