October 04, 2004

The Promised Land

California was built on the assumption that natural and Governmental resources are infinite, cheap, and there for the taking, and a lot of this rubs off on even the most hardened communitarian after a while. The state's official motto should probably be William Mulholland's triumphant "There it is. Take it!", shouted at the assembled masses as he opened the gates of the new publicly-funded LA Aqueduct, letting heavily-subsidised fresh water pour down into the LA basin from the now-parched Owens Valley in the 1920's....

When it comes to sharing and conserving limited resources such as water or road space, many Californians are likely to be totally at sea -- for many people, especially older Californians, resources were effectively infinite (the Government just looked after things and made it so), and there's never been any need to notice them, let alone worry about sharing or conserving.

(Part of California).


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