October 23, 2004

The Roxy

Glass’s re-recorded “Koyaanisqatsi” soundtrack: I remember walking into the Roxy in Soho one cold evening and watching this with no idea beforehand what it was… (it was just the film du jour that day and I wanted to watch a film, any damn film, to get away from the Presence back home at MH). It took probably five minutes to realise what was happening; I was mesmerised, hooked, flattened; I wanted the film to go on for ever… the music was like nothing I’d ever heard at the time, a beautiful combination of austere slow movements and the (now over-familiar) minimalist Glassendos.

Of course the film for me is self-subverting: some of the most beautiful parts are the cityscapes, the massed ballets of movement…



At 10/23/2004 4:12 pm, Blogger Phil said...

i'd picked up glass' early works on vinyl in the late 70s and always loved them but, by that time, he was starting his operas and they bored me to tears so i ignored koyaanisqatsi when it came out. when i eventually saw it i was as smitten as you seem to be.

a couple of years ago the glass ensemble played it live on stage in front of a screen showing the film. quite a great experience. glass was just a minor player doing some of the more simple things (you have to be young and energetic to play this stuff, really).


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