January 04, 2005

Virtually Nonsense

In a characteristically snide and sometimes deeply stupid blog entry on the occasion of Susan Sontag's death, Roger Kimball writes:

"Never mind that a lot of [her writing] was literally nonsense: it was nevertheless irresistible nonsense. It somehow didn't matter, for example, that the whole notion of "an erotics of art" was ridiculous. Everyone likes sex, and talking about "erotics" seems so much sexier than talking about "sex"; and of course everyone likes art: How was it that no one had thought of putting them together in this clever way before?"

Never mind all that -- what I want to know is what it must be like to be Kimball's lover? After all, here's a man who doesn't understand the difference between erotics and sex. And what makes a man shout such a failing from the rooftops? More than mere money, I'll bet...


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