April 28, 2005

I Missed Everything...

Taxi Driver, again: excruciating, unbearable, riveting, I can't avert my eyes… What I missed the first time — the beautiful grainy textures and light, the dim greens and reds, the angled reflections and moving lights, the lingering shots, the young DeNiro and Shepherd, Marty Scorsese in the back of the cab, the raw street scenes, side-tracking scenes (the pre-MTV use of detached tracking), the taxis as both individual characters and anonymous passers-by, as bubbles of isolation … this is the film that gave me most of my latent images of New York, lingering even a decade later, lasting until I first actually went there. Bickle seems to be the only character who isn't in some way tied to that era, the only one not dated.

(The first time I saw it I missed everything).

(Part of Flix).


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