April 19, 2005

Room For Rent

When I was trudging around London looking for a room to rent in the mid 1980's, I started noticing something a little odd: if I mentioned that I played guitar and bass (which I did (and still do)), and the people interviewing me for the room were even vaguely aware of the London music scene, their eyes would light up and they'd tell me some anecdote involving a famous musician and the place I was looking at.

I lost count of the number of times I was told that the Cure had stolen the doubled bass idea from the raven-haired woman passed out over there on the floor (or from the guy who'd recently lived -- and in one case, at least, died -- in the room they wanted me to rent), or that Madness's bass player had lived "just next door" (in one place off the Holloway Road this actually seemed plausible...), or that the young Geordie propped up (comatose) against the couch over there had taught Johnny Marr everything he knew about guitar playing. Such a wondrous town, London. Everyone knew everyone else, apparently. Everyone was so connected...


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