May 01, 2005


After a year of Tight Sainthood's existence, according to my access logs the most popular search term that gets people to this site through Google, MSN, and Yahoo is "pudenda", leading to this older article (which is also, not concidentally, by far the most-accessed article on Tight Sainthood). Amazingly, if you Google the entire web for the term "pudenda", that article is the sixth highest link on the list (at least as of today) -- i.e. it ranks higher than the original mass-media Grauniad article it's based on. Which means quite a few people now have explicit links to the Tight Sainthood article. Hmmm. They can't all be interested in Boudicca....

The second most popular search term that ends up here is "flying cars", leading to this article with a throw-away reference to the Moller flying car, which has already drawn one of the Mollerite masses to comment explicitly (and many more to comment via email, usually vituperatively). The Mollerites sometimes seem to have more in common with the Millerites than either group would probably like (note: I have a US pilot license. I'd love to have something like the Moller flying car, but I've been hearing it's just around the corner now for 25 years; when I can buy one for, say, the same price I can buy a new C172, I'll start being interested...).

No other search terms come within an order of magnitude of those two. I'm not sure what all this says about Tight Sainthood or its readership...


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