August 16, 2005

Alyson Best's Face

Paul Cox's Man Of Flowers: Alyson Best's face (luminous, radiant, real), Werner Herzog trying to act, the repeated ironic motif of "You're a good man ...", Norman Kaye's willful diffidence, Bob Ellis's therapist, Patrick Cook, the Slug Fuckers East Sydney Tech gig poster in the background of the studio, the way the movie just comes to a halt in that ambiguous final scene -- the swirling seagulls, the stark sillhouettes, the come-together isolated human statues sharing ... something ... more than the view -- that remains in your mind, the whole a jumbled almost plotless series of beautiful vignettes that cohere more as a long impression than a story.

A Melbourne home movie from a certain era, really. But it could as easily have been Sydney...

(Part of Flix).



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