September 01, 2005

The Mountains Of Mountain View

I stood on the corner of Castro and El Camino, and finally viewed the mountains from Mountain View. You don't go to Mountain View to see the mountains -- mountain views aren't really the thing in Mountain View, and they're not really very visible from most of the city. But they're there, back in the distance, brooding ("brooding"'s the word for a lot of the taller hills in the Bay Area), dark, rugged. I asked nearly a dozen Mountain View residents what the mountains were called. Most just looked blankly at me and admitted they'd never thought about it; the two authoritative-sounding answers I got were both wrong.

Mountain View: Palo Alto Lite, a Prius on every block, an easy sort of diversity that misses out the poor (and an almost-invisible Black and Hispanic underclass), a strollable shiny clean nerd heaven, everything Silicon Valley sees in its mind's eye when it thinks "living in 'Silicon Valley'".


At 7/20/2008 10:26 pm, Blogger Weav said...

The mountain which Mountain View views is primarily Black Mountain (I know 'cause I had to drive it to KFJC's transmitter).

Across the bay there's the "three sisters" of Monument, Allison and Mission.

So there...


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