October 02, 2005

Lee Vining

Lee Vining: 7,000' up the Eastern Sierra overlooking Mono Lake, the sort of place that has a large bunch of Harleys parked outside Bodie Mike's Rib Joint, while the grocery store next door has Tasty Bite, imported Basmati rice, and home-made organic bread along with the processed cheese and bad beer. The Mono Lake information center further down Main Street has the entire Putumayo collection, Earl Sruggs CDs, scented meditation candles, and Yoga books among the postcards, maps, and guidebooks. An aging biker in greasy leather jacket and pants, sweaty headband, handle-bar mustache, red leather face, and long balding grey hair tied into a pony tail furtively browses the candles while his girlfriend keeps squeezing the different bird toys to get them to make canned bird calls, over and over. In the background the Putumayo "Brazil" CD plays on, a weird touch of colour and warmth in the washed out light and driving cold winds around here.


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