October 30, 2005

Should Have Been Alone (A Short Story In 70 Lines)

680 South Before Koopman Road Possible Fatality 5:04 PM

Thomas Guide Map Coordinates: Page 734, Grid 5E
Flames Coming from Hood 5:04 PM
Big Rig off Roadway in Ditch 5:04 PM
L1575 South Just North of Scales 5:06 PM
Rig Possible Sideways on Right Shoulder 5:06 PM
Per Another Pb is Swift Truck Big Rig 5:07 PM
Per Connections-South 680 at Sunol 5:10 PM
Visual North Side / Smoke Across South Lanes Affecting Traffic 5:10 PM
South Just North of Kooopman Per Ch2 5:11 PM
Transportation Management Center CHP Cpz Line 10 5:12 PM
Request Sig Alert 5:13 PM
Shoulder Fully Engulfed 5:13 PM
CHP Unit on Scene 5:13 PM
Sig Alert Issued at 1713 Hrs 5:14 PM
Fire Going On Scene now 5:14 PM
Request Helicopter 5:14 PM
Reports Ptys Trapped Inside Vehicles 5:14 PM
CHP Unit on Scene 5:14 PM
Fire in Center Divider now Per Citz Rpt 5:15 PM
Cab Fully Engulfed 5:16 PM
Another Fire in Center Divider 5:17 PM
Please Contact Swift Transportation 5:19 PM
Contact Union Pacific Railroad-Have Them Check the Rr for Any Dmg 5:20 PM
Shutting Down All Lanes for Approx 5 Min 5:22 PM
Message/Item Delivered Union Pacific Rr 5:25 PM
Union Pacific with Send Crew Out to Check Tracks 5:27 PM
Can U Check with Air for Photos Please 5:28 PM
Ll with Moffett for H32 5:29 PM
CHP Unit on Scene 5:30 PM
Copy Line 32 for State Notifications 5:31 PM
No Response for H32 on Blue X2 5:31 PM
Ans Machine Only at Moffett/paged H32 5:31 PM
H32 En Route from Moffett 5:38 PM
#1 Lane Open 5:38 PM
Appears North Traffic Unaffected 5:38 PM
Disregard Line 53 Wrong Numb 6:17 PM
Piece of Debris Flew Onto Right Shoulder of North Lanes-on Fire 6:21 PM
Coroner On Scene 6:28 PM
Per Swift Non-Haz Mat// Paper to Be Recycled on Board 6:38 PM
Please Callbox Swift Inquire How Many People Were Supposed to Be in the Rig 6:45 PM
Dmg to Tractor 6:45 PM
Over Side Approx 50 Ft 6:45 PM
Major Dmg to Trailer / Mostly Empty now 6:45 PM
Request Tow Truck Required Big Rig Evidence Tow 6:45 PM
Message/Item Delivered Residence Lance With Tow Truck Required H Evidence 6:50 PM
Should Have Been Alone 6:53 PM
Message/Item Delivered Swift Not Rider Permit 6:53 PM
Caltrans Copz Thanks 6:54 PM
With Telephone Sgt 7:15 PM
Message/Item Delivered Julie at Swift 7:15 PM
Residence Lance South Just South of Sunol now Per 118-53 7:30 PM
Advise Air Ops not Tonight for the 2nd Set of Photos // Will not Be Clear in Time for Day Light 7:46 PM
Media Inqry Any Eto on Right Lane Plz? 8:18 PM
Request Mobile Signs and Cones 8:24 PM
Request Cal Transition and Cords / Will Be Ext Closure 8:24 PM
Not Eto at this Time 8:25 PM
If Cords Can Responding to Freeway for Direction Please 8:25 PM
Fire Request Cords-Pleasanton Sunol Road Closed 8:25 PM
Caltrans S Asking How Long is this Closure Going to Be? Will Have to Do a Call-Out/eta now 60 to 90 Min for Caltrans 8:26 PM
Message/Item Delivered Aso for CO Roads Advise Lines 91-95 8:30 PM
H30 Will Advise H32 of Line 85 8:33 PM
Caltrans S Copz/will Message/Item Delivered Dotcc/do Call-Out 8:33 PM
Caltrans Sign Crew ETA in 30 Min
Capt Has Eben Notfd 8:51 PM
Possible Cal Transition Can Post Signs at the Interchange Also 8:52 PM
Traffic Backed Up West to N Livermore 8:52 PM
Will Advise Dotcc 8:54 PM
Request Swift Telephone Sgt Cellular Phone // Message/Item Delivered 9:01 PM

I read these every day, the compressed little telegraphic short stories from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) dispatch, as relayed on KTVU's Bay Area traffic page. You'd probably need to be a Bay Area or California local to decode all of it (and if you're a Bay Area driver you probably need to read these things like I do). This one's longer than most; sometimes they end with "Roll Coroner"; this time the coroner gets mentioned about halfway through.


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