December 17, 2005


"Happiness Is So Much Fun." -- the new words of wisdom on the side of Mars. Well, they would say that, wouldn't they? Outside on Telegraph, a grey day, near-freezing drizzle, and on the corner of Dwight and Telegraph outside Cody's a greying blonde woman selling books out of cardboard boxes keeps yelling about how we don't have freedom of speech in America and to buy now because she knows she'll be arrested in a few minutes because of what the books say. An hour later she's still there, louder than ever, now bellowing at the top of her voice about how she's the loudest fucking voice on Telegraph, you can hear me on fucking Durant she yells, listen to me sticking up for free speech! A local Berkeley cop, vaguely known to me, rolls his eyes as he walks past; a few minutes later a bunch of local vendors start hooting loudly at her because she's alienating the passers-by who might buy the T-shirts, jewelry, and bad art for sale in the stalls around her. It only increases her determination, and by the time I've rummaged my way through Moe's, she's looking radiantly-self-absorbed, happy at the centre of her self-righteous little universe. I walk up to Panache and get a haircut.


At 12/21/2005 11:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But monsieur, Panache is closed.


At 12/21/2005 1:32 pm, Blogger Jimmy Little said...

It is now. Or finally will be by the end of this week. But on Saturday it was still open, full of glum hairdressers (some of whom have cut my hair for years) wondering what they'd be doing. The plan to move around the corner fell through... and the "property for lease" signs are up in the windows.


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