February 26, 2006

Don't I Remember...

My studio landlords Jim and Alma — a genial couple slightly older than me, who I've known for a while now — drop around today to do the annual fire alarm / smoke detector / etc. test in my studio. It takes a few minutes, and as Alma and I are talking about some of the photos on my walls, she gestures at all the studio gear around us, smiles up at me, and says "Jimmy! Just look at all this stuff... when you moved in you had nothing. Don't you remember?"

I do. It's not entirely true that I had nothing, but when I moved in here all those years ago, I was effectively bankrupt, in debt way beyond my means, with little or no real income, hoping each month I wouldn't get further into debt, always wondering where the rent check would come from. At one point I was a week from having to formally file for bankruptcy, well over $100,000 in debt, with no income at all, and nothing in the bank. A bunch of people — Jim and Alma included — were patient, or helped, and some things are different now. I'm not bankrupt, I'm not heavily in debt, and I'm surrounded by a studio and a lot of gear. It's a start, I guess…


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