March 25, 2006

The Rite Of Spring

Right about this time of year we start seeing happy-faced articles on TV or in newspapers celebrating the arrival of spring. Apart from the usual thoughtless assumption that it's spring everywhere in the world (something that really grates with this Southern Hemisphere boy, at least), out here on the edge of civilisation in sunny California we — like large parts of the rest of the world including much of Australia — just don't have spring. We have two seasons out here: the long dry season and the short wet season, and there's not much to tell them apart around here except for the rain ("summer" — whatever that means — in coastal Northern California isn't even usually the warmest time of the year). Watching a local TV newscaster go on about "the first day of spring" or seeing people put up posters celebrating spring with lots of spring blooms reminds me of the fake snow used to celebrate christmas in the Sydney of my childhood….


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