March 21, 2006

Soylent Green

A seventies artefact chock full of seventies artefacts (bad haircuts, bad actors, bad acting, a fabulous embryonic computer game in a groovy white plastic casing, seventies cars, hip plastic furniture, foxy chicks, Charlton Heston, dry melodrama... (and those clothes, of course)). It's easy to make fun of films that unwittingly populate the future with the visual and cultural vocabularies of their own times — it's another form of narcisism, or at best just a failure of imagination — but in this case it doesn't seem quite the lack of imagination it usually does. It somehow seems appropriate that a dystopia would be this way; for so many people, the seventies were a dystopia. And what is most science fiction if not — wittingly or not — a kind of navel-gazing dressed up as the present in drag?

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