July 12, 2006


Derek Jarman's "Jubilee": overheated, both over- and under-acted, ludicrous, laughable, telegraphic, dated... the reek of art school anti-Art Schoolness in every shot. Thank Christ I didn’t see this when it came out, I’d have probably given up on Jarman completely (I really liked the Derek Jarman I knew from his writing, his painting, his TV appearances, etc., in London; I just can’t connect this film with the generosity of spirit, empathy, urbanity, humour, and perceptiveness he always seemed to have then. Perhaps that’s the whole point...).

Definitely not a punk film, or a film about punk; more a film about a certain claustrophobic London way of losing sight of the rest of the world. London's answer to a John Waters film, without the humour or good-naturedness.

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