August 19, 2006


At the Milano the guy behind the counter tells me they're out of bagels; a Russian guy bought them all earlier. "Mafia" the guy behind the counter says, grinning and cocking his hand into a gun pointed at me. On Telegraph again, Mars's reliably-oracular wall commands me to HOPE AND FEAR THE FUTURE, a phrase I have to parse a dozen different ways down to Moe's. I buy two books, "Apollinaire on Art" (artWorks / MFA) and Aperture's "Art Photography Now". It's hard to imagine two more different books in the same vein: Apollinaire's sardonic, ironic, insightful, amused and deliberately amusing takes on art and Art (there's a great deadpan description of a Futurist gallery opening in Naples), vs. the earnest, self-consciously styled and unintentionally funny ponderousness of the Aperture book; in some sort of reversal, Appolinaire's book is art, while the Aperture book merely talks about Art.


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