September 29, 2006

Death Goes On...

This morning a Brinks guard was shot dead in cold blood during a brazen daylight hijack robbery a few hundred metres from my studio. I accidentally stumbled across the scene a few minutes after it happened, when there were still only a couple of police cars, the Brinks truck, a few people milling about trying to help or work out what had just happened, and the usual confused air of shock and slight panic (a scene familiar to a lot of Oaklanders).

This is the 114th murder in Oakland this year so far. It happened right next to the fab consultants mentioned here; at least two media sources are calling the area — my neighbourhood — a "remote industrial location". It's hard to know what to make of that description, given that this is the heart of industrial inner East Oaktown (a deeply urban, busy location), and that the murder happened in broad daylight in a part of town that at that time is starting to teem with cars, trucks, forklifts, etc., and is just around the corner from one of the few residential streets 'round here. That particular spot's grim, but it's not remote.


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