September 23, 2006

Sunrise From Gate C14

The vivid pink and yellow sky over the Bay beyond the United Canadair RJ's, the young glassy-eyed stubbled cowboy waiting for the plane to Halifax, the ground crews buzzing around in the drizzle… Boston (Logan) airport is one of those endlessly-renewed older urban airports where nothing — corridors, streets, ramps, jet bridges, terminals, queues — seems to go straight for long, and where everything is cramped in on top of or right next to each other in irregular shapes and sizes. It reminds me of a shinier, cleaner, more efficient and better-run Heathrow (i.e. it's nothing like those spacious modern cathedrals of tedium and glare like Denver, Atlanta, Chicago O'Hare, or San Francisco's new(ish) international terminal). There's a huge advertising sign on a pedestrian bridge between a central parking structure and one of the terminal buildings that says "Your final final destination: Dunkin Donuts". Christ I kinda hope not (what a way to end it all).


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