September 22, 2006

Three Bucks

It's late at night, the traffic's light at the Sumner Tunnel toll gates. The guy takes my three bucks then leans out and says with a thin smile, trying (badly) to sound vaguely Southern: "Y'all drove up from Texas...?"
Me: "Nah, just flew in, it's a rental car with Texas plates… I didn't notice until too late."
He grins and reverts back to one of those strong Boston accents I can't even start to imitate: "You came all the way from Australia and the clowns at the rental place gave you a car with Texas plates?! Man...". He shakes his head. "Hey, just watch out for the cops. They love cars from Texas… but you can probably get away with murder with that accent." He winks; I drive off before a line forms behind me.

And so it goes. You have no idea how conspicuous it feels to drive around Boston in a car with Texas plates….


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