October 24, 2006


Chelsea, 7th at 20th

Just the Usual: West 17th at 7th, working out of a cramped twelth-floor office in a beautiful old building with glimpses of the Hudson and New Jersey, grand views of the West Side, the massive old Port Authority building and Gehry's new thing for Barry Diller (not much to write home about from this distance); slow elevators, brownstones, bricks, raw cold, tree-lined side streets and peeling tenements, crowds, faces, sirens, yapdogs on leashes, pawn shops and leather goods, fresh vegetables on sidewalk stands, rotting food in abandonned storefronts — all the powerful images you remember or know from films and TV. What you never know from a distance, without experiencing it first hand, is the sheer volume and power of the noise on the streets, a fast-flowing river that overflows and swamps the streets and avenues, something quite unlike any other city I've lived or worked in….


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