April 23, 2007

Ely, NV

Ely Cathedral (Hotel Nevada, Ely, NV)

Ely Cathedral (sorry, old joke).

Ely, Nevada, cold, snowy, a hopeful sort of ghost town, shiny signs of money here and there in the rubble of so many boom / bust cycles (and in the new stores and fast food joints along US 93 on the outskirts of town), boosterish news stories about Ely being the hub of a new Eastern Nevada renaissance papering over vacant store fronts next to faded "US 50 Survival Kits sold here!" signs. It's certainly bigger than when I first visited here some 15 years ago, but nearly all the places I ate at or stayed at then have gone out of business. Some beautiful old brick buildings downtown nestled in the hills, many of them shuttered or boarded up; the place feels more like a battered-about Back East mining town than something out of California or Nevada history...

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