April 05, 2007

Historical Amnesia

"'Today they are trying to tamper with history by making a film and by making Iran's image look savage,' Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, adding that a cultural campaign against Iran would not succeed.

The film has enraged Iranian officials and others over its depiction of the ancient Persians, the ancestors of modern day Iranians, with complaints that it depicts them as murderous and warmongering." — from a recent Grauniad article on the film "300".

Well, maybe he's right (or not) about the intention, but I can tell him from personal experience that anyone who tries attacking Iran's image by using Persia as a proxy isn't going to get too far here — how many average Americans even know Persia really existed, let alone that it's Iran's (more-or-less) ancestor?

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At 4/06/2007 11:23 am, Blogger Rob Nevitt said...

I knew. I grew up in LA though where we have a lot of Persians.

At 4/07/2007 2:16 pm, Blogger Jimmy Little said...

Yeah, but LA's special in that way :-). And the Iranian expat community was an endless soure of food and drink and ideas in the London I inhabitted in the early 1980's. I think I rather miss that here….


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