April 22, 2007

Sand Mountain

The Loneliest Road In America

Sand Mountain, just off US 50 a few dozen miles east of Fallon, on the edge of nowhere. We're in Richard Misrach territory here, for sure, a beautiful desert landscape mired in people. Tall dunes nestled up against sharp volcanic hills and ridges across from a (currently-flooded) playa; the dunes are swarming with angry-sounding ATVs and dune buggies, cutting into the surface, all around the base of the dunes, the fat mothership RVs and oversize pickups....

The unsettling thing is just how quickly the usually wary-of-strangers-with-cameras ATV riders and RV owners change to friendliness when they hear my Australian(ish) accent. I'm suddenly one of them, with all that implies for me and for the accent....

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