April 23, 2007

US 6

US Highway 6, Nevada

US Highway 6, Ely (Nevada) to Bishop (California) via Tonopah (Nevada), maybe a better candidate for "The Loneliest Road In America", like US 50 another long drive through snow-covered high desert sagebrush, narrow mountain passes, windswept playas (complete with tumbleweed blowing across the road in front of me), and tiny settlements of dead trees, junk, and boarded-up windows. This is a highway where (the last time I drove it, a decade ago at least) I could set up a tripod in the middle of the road and spend five minutes leisurely taking photos without having to move for traffic (the last time I was here the landscape defeated my attempts to take photos; this time, it seems a little easier). For large stretches of the road, I seem to be the only vehicle on earth; Nye County stretches forever towards Tonopah, mesmerising, amazing.

US Highway 6, Nevada

US Highway 6, Nevada

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