July 11, 2007

Short Shameful Confession

I'm not a Starbucks kind of guy (except in an emergency), but there's a new Starbucks that's just opened on the edge of the Estuary about ten minutes' walk from my studio. Nothing surprising about that, given the way they've sprouted in even the roughest parts of Oaktown in the last few years, but this one's actually a pleasant place to be: it's right next to the water, in a fairly quiet spot, and you can sit in the sun at the outside tables overlooking the Estuary with your feet up watching the boats go by only a few meters away. Not bad. I may even go there again one day.

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At 7/12/2007 2:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't do it!!! This is how they suck you in, poison your mind and convert you to one of the legions of coffee zombies that walk the earth. Resist.

At 7/14/2007 12:34 pm, Blogger Jimmy Little said...

Too late — I've already been assimilationalised!!! Didn't you notice the vacant stare and shuffling gait?!

At 7/16/2007 2:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, but it's on the island. right?

At 7/17/2007 8:35 am, Blogger Jimmy Little said...

Nah, it's actually on the Oaktown side of the Estuary. The Island's kind of foreign territory to me at the moment….

At 7/20/2007 1:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

back in oz, they're propigating like alien pods from late 50s sci-fi but the more heinous coffee crime here is "gloria jeans", a similar concept, but even more flaccid. peeps like the same things again and again and again everywhere.



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