October 31, 2007

Street Level

King Street, Newtown

"Mate, just take a pitcha of me instead of all the shops!" ("Kenny" on King Street).

Cooper's Hotel, King Street, Newtown

Happy bloody hour.

King Street, Newtown

Deepest Africa.

King Street, Newtown

International Dreaming (this mural has miraculously survived for decades now).

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At 11/02/2007 6:59 pm, Blogger LizLam said...

Looks like a mural that could be in Oakland.

At 11/02/2007 8:20 pm, Blogger Jimmy Little said...

Yeah, except for the Aboriginal flag incorporated into it :-). I think it's interesting how easily incorporated King's image is in something as unAmerican as this — and how so much Australian nationalism (of all sorts) looks to the US for its symbols and identity.

At 11/09/2007 1:16 am, Blogger LizLam said...

Interesting, I didn't realize that was the Aboriginal flag. I thought it the circle was just complementing the moon and the red represented the blood of Martin Luther King Jr.

At 11/09/2007 8:28 am, Blogger Jimmy Little said...

Ah, Mz Liz, that's the earth, not the moon :-). But otherwise, that's a pretty attractive interpretation…


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