August 13, 2008

Buying The Dream

Obama confronts America with a successful living out of, and (crucially) a strong belief in, the traditional American Dream, at least as evangelised by the usual sellers of the Dream. It's interesting to watch conservative America react to the reality of that dream coming true for such a, well, different figure: the most interesting response being an engaged recognition of the fact but a (healthy) skepticism that merely believing in and fulfilling the American Dream isn't in itself sufficient qualification for being president; more commonly, it's just angry denial or a squirming sort of let's-change-the-subject deflection.

Even more interesting is the reaction on the left: quite often denial that there's any such thing as a valid American Dream, or that if it exists, that anything good could come from trying to live it. But in any case, for many Americans, what they think of Obama is what they think of the American Dream — and its applicability to Americans in general.

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At 8/16/2008 2:05 pm, Blogger Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Ha! Very clever, Bro, equating the success of Obama with fulfillment of The American Dream's promise.

NOTHING beats great satire. If I find the rest of your posts to be as doggoned sharp yet subtly humorous as this one, you will have found a regular reader in me.

Nice work, my man, nice work. Kudos!



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