October 01, 2008

The Attack Of The Annoying Blog Memes…

I've been implicitly challenged by The Aviatrix (a person I've met in real life) on one of my other blogs to list three things I've done that I think none of my readers will have done, but I'd rather do it here pseudonymously, so here goes:
  • I've piloted a plane upside down over California (both plane and I were upside down in controlled flight, and this wasn't a momentary aberration, it went on for quite some time);

  • I've been run over by an airplane (yes, really; but the details aren't as interesting as the precis makes it sound; at least one of my semi-regular readers saw the pathetic aftermath the same day);

  • I've been interviewed at some length by the BBC. What on earth could the BBC possibly turn to me for as a source of inspiration or authority? I'll leave that as a poorly-kept secret…

So there, is all I'll say. I've done my blogistic duty…



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