November 02, 2008


That might be the word on the street around here (especially up towards East 14th), but even with all the loose pundit talk of landslides and crossover states, the reality on the ground beyond the Bay Area's cozy self-absorption is difficult to judge, and I still have bad forebodings…. It's not so much that I distrust the people (I don't put much store in the supposed applicability of the Bradley Effect, for example), it's that I distrust the pundits and the polls and their ability to see beyond the incestuous news cycle bubble. We shall see.

(One of the most interesting things about this campaign has been how two politicians I once rather admired, or at least thought interesting in their own ways — Hillary Clinton and John McCain — were for me both irreparably soiled by their own words and actions in this campaign. It's difficult to credit just how poorly both came off compared to what I expected from them, and just how effective and even subtly tough Obama has been made to look by comparison. That took some doing…).

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