December 16, 2008

That Kennedy Thing (Again)

In a recent HuffPost article, the reliably loopy Michael Carmichael seems to want to claim the Obama Moment for aging Boomers:
"The image of a US Senate graced by two Kennedys both bearing the flame of JFK and conjuring the era of Camelot presents a potent concoction of political magic at a critical juncture in American history now seemingly on the threshold of a resurgence of progressive energy and the promise of positive change in the Obama Era."
Yeah, that's real change, that is.

I wish I could say that the idea of Caroline Kennedy being anointed Senator for New York mostly because she's, well, a Kennedy, surprises me, but it doesn't, of course. And I wish I could say that my initial impression that Carmichael's article was a wicked parody rather than a starry-eyed eulogy for a privileged upbringing and an easily-come-by constellation of useful contacts was right, but I don't think it was. That endless clueless sense of entitlement is probably the biggest legacy the American Boomers will leave the world (or, rather, the environmental, financial, political, and cultural collateral damage caused by that sense of entitlement will be the biggest legacies).

"America is transfixed. The world is transfixed. The Kennedy legend promises to open another chapter." Riiiiight

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