January 26, 2010

Army Of Shadows

A film not afraid to wear its reticence on its sleeve: telegraphic, understated, laconic, minimalist, episodic, precisely elided; violence by implication. Melville makes the most of blue and green colour casts and varying saturation to coat so much with a sense of dread mirroring the fogs and washed-out light. The camerawork feels like a big budget film (steady, assured, occasional jolts, zooms, blacks), but with a sort of dirty realism that transcends itself in a minimalist impressionism (visually and narratively). Hats and tunnels (aircraft, train carriages, underpasses, jail and hospital corridors), symbols and geometry, wall textures (tiles, cell walls, London buildings); this film stays in my mind for weeks afterwards….



At 3/13/2010 8:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of my favourite all time films - how to do so much with so little - melville love the man -everything circla rouge also amazing - man knew how to use silence - a real artist - the scene where they kill the informer is just head shaking - calling ti gripping would be a understatement


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