May 29, 2010

Get Over It

Somewhere off Santa Monica the waitron looks down at the dog-eared copy of The Dharma Bums someone's left on the bench next to me and asks if it's mine. I grimace reflexively and blurt out "God no. The last time I read Kerouac was in high school…". She smiles down at me and says with sudden feeling "Yeah. It's important for people to get over their Kerouac fixation, isn't it?". I spend the rest of a long coffee break wondering whether she was taking the piss or bringing some long-felt hurt to the surface.

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At 6/11/2010 4:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually i like Dharma bums its one of his more readable books and hating him seems as banal as loving him to death and worshipping his every word -- he has his moments - unlike martin amis for eg he actually gives a shit about something


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