January 23, 2011


Žižek's "Living in the End Times" (Verso, natch) has a prominent cover quote calling him "the most dangerous philosopher in the West", a phrase that remains with me all morning as I imagine "the most dangerous microtonal composer in the West" or "the most dangerous sheep in the paddock". Is he a particularly bad driver? Does he own more guns than the average philosopher? Is he radioactive? We should be told.

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At 1/30/2011 4:06 pm, Anonymous garry m said...

i laughed out loud at this

At 1/30/2011 5:50 pm, Blogger Jimmy Little said...

Garry — ta (I can't help taking the easy targets, can I?). Incidentally, I'll be in Oz again in July — more details when I know 'em…

At 1/30/2011 9:15 pm, Anonymous S. said...

You could cut yourself on his name.

At 1/31/2011 9:53 am, Blogger Jimmy Little said...

S. — you cracked the code. Only nominally dangerous, I guess.

At 2/21/2011 5:54 pm, Anonymous garry m said...

We too are planning a Calif > NY > UKetc., sometime nearer Oct. Aunts in Sacramento and the Bronx. G.


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