January 08, 2011

Nouvelle Vague

In Moe's I pick up Badiou's "Infinite Thought", partly because it immediately screams out "Infinite Jest" (you just know "Infinite Thought" will be unintentionally funny), and partly because it starts with the following:
"Philosophy is something like [Rimbaud's] 'logical revolt'. Philosophy pits thought against injustice, against the defective state of the world and of life. Yet it pits thought against injustice in a movement which conserves and defends argument and reason, and which ultimately proposes a new logic.

"Mallarmé states: 'All thought begets a throw of the dice.' It seems to me that this enigmatic formula also designates philosophy, because philosophy proposes to think the universal — that which is true for all thinking — yet it does so on the basis of a commitment in which chance always plays a role, a commitment which is also a risk or a wager."

If only he'd stopped there….

Later, in Andronico's, the Village People are belting out "YMCA" in the background; behind the deli counter, B. says she can't help moving every time she hears this song. Behind me, cellphone zombies shuffle the aisles.

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