October 27, 2011

Fault Lines

Oakland's making the headlines the world over again, and it's hard not to feel depressed and angered at the sheer stupidity of the responses to the occupation movement. Here's a city that's historically and temperamentally full of residents and officials who would overwhelmingly support the aims of the Occupy Oakland and Occupy Wall Street movements (and the vast majority of whose police officers are definitely part of the 99%, as one protester eloquently put it to a hostile crowd yesterday evening) — and here's a city that couldn't find any sort of positive accommodation or at least some way to live with it. I was tempted to wander off up to City Hall myself last night, but I'm barely able to walk due to a minor knee injury.

Meanwhile, we've had a small swarm of tremors in the last week just beneath us (the latest early this morning), setting us all on edge. The Big One's brewing somewhere, we all know that….

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