October 06, 2011

That Local Lad

I'm at a major tech conference in the City all week, so after lunch I wander the couple of blocks up to the mothership on Stockton. There are actually people in tears out the front, and little hand-written stickies on the front windows in various languages saying things like "Your Apple changed the world more than God's apple!". I never know what to make of this sort of personalising-the-remote-hero thing, especially with a guy as ruthlessly private as he was, but he definitely left his mark on my industry and day-to-day environment. Above, the Blue Angles periodically shriek and roar invisibly above turned heads, adding to the other-worldly atmosphere. Back at the conference, Apple laptops and phones and tablets seem to predominate, something that would have been inconceivable even a decade ago.

(Everyone in the industry here has an Apple or Jobs story, and, of course, I have mine, dating from the late 1980's and involving close collaboration in Cupertino on a project that never really got off the ground, but that taught me a great deal about how to deal with unpleasant corporate self-righteousness and how the powerfully-arrogant treat the peons, but I'll spare you all that — with the Apple of that time (or later), it's hardly a unique story).

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