December 05, 2011


"It [his stencil] is a homage to the indefatigable labour Tox has committed to his continuing masterpiece. This tag is merely a symptom of an epic journey to identify every brick in the city. He has traversed the city like no other and has found its transcendental value. An atavistic practice, like cutting initials into bark, painting bison in caves, or piling stones on song lines. The spray can is the quill of the urban vernacular" — Mark Newell on the jailing for 27 months of Daniel Halpin, a.k.a. "Tox", the Camden graffiti artist, letter to "Camden New Journal", as quoted in Private Eye's Pseuds Corner, Eye 1295.

Too good to be true? Probably, but if he actually said that and meant it, well, Mark old boy, can't you just admit that some of us are getting a little tired of our neighbourhoods — our walls, our windows, our cars, our trees, our art, even — being turned into collateral damage from a massive and escalating territorial pissing match? And can't you just admit some of us in those neighbourhoods are getting increasingly pissed off at artwankers like yourself egging it on from the sidelines?

"[P]iling stones on song lines"? Pissing on those song lines, more like it.

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