May 26, 2012

Light Relief

Trying to unwind after a day's unpleasantness (don't ask) last night I stumble across The Goat Rodeo Sessions on KQED TV, and keep watching for light relief. And light relief it is — but not surprisingly, it's missing any surprises: it's so tonal, so pleasant, so fluent, so worthy in a low key sort of way, it's hard to know what to make of it beyond the mild pleasure of generously good intentions, clean attractive sound, and easily-followed lines. Even sitting there in front of the TV, something in me bloody-mindedly craves the familiar stringent melodramatic clang and strangeness of one of the Bartok quartets.

(Later: so, of course, I buy it on iTunes, and enjoy it a lot, even if it is tagged as "Classical" by iTunes).



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