June 28, 2012

Only In Australia

It's kind of sad and funny that more than half the things identified in We're a weird mob: Australians' bizarre behaviour as truly and uniquely Australian are things that are common in even the tiny bits of the US that I know about first hand — does the writer really not know that "How's it going?" is a common Americanism, and that BYO is not exactly unknown around here (if not actually called "BYO")?

What I think really is uniquely Australian is the perception that the word "thongs" referring to, well, thongs, is American — no, it's just UnAustralian (and maybe UnNZ as well). The rest of us English speakers, even in deepest London, call them flip flops or something like that (you don't know how many times I've heard Australians out here dissing "stupid Yanks" for not knowing what "thongs" are).

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