July 28, 2012

Buried Lede

Today's NYT has an article on Jeff Bezos's admirable $2.5 million donation to defend the Washington gay-marriage law, which mentions in passing that both Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates have also donated (smaller) sums. This seems like a buried lede to me: the more I hear about Bill Gates's post-Microsoft life, the more I like what little I know of the man. I've never held much respect for (or interest in) Microsoft or Gates as technical phenomena (but nor am I one of those weird Microsoft haters who go out of their way to avoid Microsoft products), but I don't doubt that he's doing good work with his fortune now, and that I'd probably like him as a human being in person. Not sure about Ballmer though — he's always seemed the canonical aggressive driven crazy to me, donations notwithstanding...

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