August 13, 2013

Out Of Touch

“He's so out of touch he still uses a BlackBerry!”. Something in me really wants BlackBerry to succeed again, if only to prove a lot of pundits' predictions wrong. But it's not anything sentimental for me – I resisted getting a BlackBerry because of the ostentatious self-importance and self-regard of its users and the underlying idea; and then the iPhone came along and made the idea moot anyway. The iPhone was a BlackBerry for the un-self-important (or self-loathing). I could buy one without feeling (too) dirty; it wouldn't make me feel like some sort of Wall Street wannabe or thrusting middle-management wanker.

(And how many years before it's “He's so out of touch he still uses an iPhone!”? Not many, I'm guessing. And BlackBerry feels like a DEC for the two-thousand-and-teens (“He's so out of touch he still knows what DEC is!”)).



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