August 11, 2013

Young Fresh And Ready

Mars proclaims itself “Young Fresh And Ready”, but it feels like a cruel taunt: everywhere around it old homeless guys shuffle or lie stretched out on the sidewalk, garbage rots under an old grey sky, aging street vendors set up tables, battered old Volvos full of junk are beached on the street, faded social cause stickers on their every surface. Handfuls of students pass by all the boarded-up shops and the crazed old ranters in soiled hippy ponchos as quickly as they can… I don't blame them; Telegraph's hardly the most pleasant place to be nowadays.

I go down to Moe's where I buy Boris Groys's Introduction to Antiphilosphy, a title you can't help greeting with a stupid “Well, that sounds like philosophy!”. I'm hoping he has a point that goes beyond the usual academic stirring for stirring's sake. If it's all about creating a straw man version of Philosophy (with a capital "P") that's about Truth (with a capital "T"), and then proposing an antidote to this (Anti-Philosophy) more concerned with the little things, well, I find that congenial, but it's still philosophy, and that's just a rather uninteresting semantic argument. (On skimming through the book in Moe's he comes across as the kind of writer who can never use “varied” when “heterogeneous” is available, but that's part of the pleasure, no?). We shall see…

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