August 03, 2014

The Art Of Darkness

Pace The Art Of Darkness: part of me wants to point out that it’s almost besides the point to look for meaning in (e.g.) Lacan — for many Lacanian acolytes (and others), Lacan’s writings serve as provocations rather than clear reasoned arguments based on observable evidence, and for them asking “what does that even mean?” misses the point completely. Rather, you should be asking “how did that affect you?” or “what did that make you do or think?”. Like Zen koans, I guess. Or Nietzsche. Allusion's the word (rather than illusion).

Of course, Lacan — and many of his followers — actually claim some sort of scientific and logical rigor to his writing, but if you don’t take all that on face value (and how can you?), well, what else is there?

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