December 19, 2014

Real Reporting

"But, as Rosen notes, thanks to the internet these days, newspapers are increasingly having trouble with this kind of lazy "safe" journalism. Because the public will call them out when they avoid reporting the truth, favoring a false narrative instead.” in Techdirt’s Real Reporting Is About Revealing Truth; Not Granting 'Equal Weight' To Bogus Arguments.

But being called out here for not “reporting the truth” means only that the more vociferous of the paper’s audience (and maybe just drive-by Truthers of whatever variety) decide “the truth”. There’s a reasonable spectrum here between letting readers decide completely on their own, and laying down the “truth” heavy-handedly by editorial fiat, but truth by popular fiat isn’t much of a truth, it’s more a sort of tyranny of loudness or the drowning out of alternatives — yet another thing tech encourages. Mobocracy.

(Note: I've always strongly agreed with the general thesis that good (rather than "real") reporting is not about equal weight approaches; it's the idea that somehow mob-sourcing "Truth" is a good idea that I'm less enthusiastic about...).



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