August 07, 2015


“This is the talk radioization of politics in its most pure form, totally divorced from reality, where the only true currency is fact-immune outrage.” — Ed Brayton on the effect of Donald Trump on the Republican primaries in Josh Marshall Says What I Wish I’d Said About Donald Trump.

No, I think it’s more the Internetization of politics, that great public bringing to the surface of every id and subconscious that the internet enables and even encourages (but I’d definitely recognise talk radio as the precursor of the internet in all this). The net’s about mobs and bubbles, just like politics, just like the subconscious, except writ very, very large. And very public. And — like everything mob-infected — deeply contagious. Trump, et al, are the subconscious of much of America; and much of the American public loves the resulting thrill of recognition.

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